Cenokga is an independent Native American owned video game studio based in Arkansas. Creating 8-bit and 16-bit style games. Started in 2017 by Kyle Ransford.

Games by Cenokga usually have a multiplayer theme to them, so that no matter what game it is, you can always play with friends or family.

Games by Cenokga will always be family friendly and suitable for most all ages.

Games in Development

Platform: Steam (Windows), Xbox One
Release Date Est. Summer 2020
Platform: PC
Release Date TBA
  • Battle of StarSpace Nebula
Platform: Steam (Windows)
Release Date Early 2020
  • Project: Beat Em Up
Platform: PC
Release Date TBA
  • Project: Farm Acres
Platform: PC
Release Date TBA
  • Project X
Platform: TBA
Release Date TBA


Coming Soon!


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